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The Second
Baltimore Hackathon

2012 Winners

Congratulations to our winners! A prize of $500 goes to the winner of each category.

Technical Complexity

Radical Radar - Gregory Beerbower

Smart Design

Cartridge Gaming Platform - Nick Gauthier, Adam Bachman

We saw that it's easy to build simple browser based games, but it's difficult to connect them; so we built Cartridge as an HTML5 focused, real-time gaming platform as a service that lets independent game developers connect their players quickly and simply. It's like Heroku for indie game developers. The prototype we built during the hackathon is focused on letting developers create, edit, remix, and play processing.js sketches. Eventually we hope to provide a subscription-based service that will let developers scale up resources (number of simultaneous players, amount of data stored, etc.) without the hassle of running their own servers or writing their own network communication layer. Eventually we will sell to Zynga and be like very rich hackers indeed. Buzzwords: HTML5 , platform as a service, It's like for, real time, scale up , Zynga

Civic Service

SmartCall - Anthony Carter


Color Palette - Anthony Mattox, Josh Hepworth

The digital color palette is an iPad and iPhone app which makes it easy to design color palettes. An alternative to minimal color selection tools in most design software, the app lets to select colors with smooth gestures and arrange them to find the perfect color harmonies. Selected color palettes can be sent to a desktop companion app to be used in digital work.

Crowd Favorite

Open Community Door System - Mark Huson, Matthias Lee, Wes Filardo, Sasha de Koninck, Shawn Cook

Hacker / DIY

Arduino Shields & DIY Digital Camera - Ahmad Abbas

Honorable Mentions

Hot Stuff Solar Cooker - Mike Graham, Kevin Ladenheim

Ruby Study Hall - Mike Subelsky

Other Competitors

Deal with it - Mark Olson -

Computer in a Toolbox - Steven Presser

Wordsmart - Bryan Liles

Sky Net as a Service - Devon H. O'Dell, Jason Dixon, Alex Mikitik

Sous Vide Machine - Nate Weiner

Purgatory - Jason Lewis, Milt Reder, David Koh, Sara Henschell -

Drunken-Nemesis in Erlang - Micah Chalmer, Aaron Kromer, Scott Steele

Hack My Ride - Josh Skillman