The Third Annual Baltimore Hackathon

Individual Software & Audience Favorite

Node Swipe

Peter Collins

Interactive swiping game powered by node.js

Individual Hardware

Positional Lighting

Shea Frederick

Team Software


Chase Gilliam, Harrison Tan, Brice Dobry, Salvador Hernandez, Nate Weiner

Bike stack is a project founded by neighbors to help simplify bike parking and make Baltimore a better place to live.

Team Hardware

Laminar Fountain Dance Pad

Traitify Sponsor Prize

Traitify Classroom

Jamison Hyman, Jonathan Soffar, Patrick Roderick

TraitifyClassroom uses Traitify's personality test to help teachers cater a classroom curriculum to their students' personalities.

Lookingglass Cyber Solutions Sponsor Prize

LookingGlass Checkers Challenge

Jason Lewis,Milt Reder,Henk Reder

Create a client-side, dynamic, replayable checkers game in ClojureScript (and Datascript).

Paypal Sponsor Prize

Answer to Pay

Stanley Black & Decker Sponsor Prize

Auto Nav Robot

Honorable Mentions

Mot software

Functional Reactive Programming for Robots

Max Goldstein

A raspberry-pi based robot controlled by a new programming technique meant to make reactive (continuously-running) programs easier to reason about.

The "Something" Clock

Mustached Octo Rove

Other Projects

In psuedo-random order

App for Local Farmers + Customers

Traffic TrackIt



The Big Moon Dig

Tom Riley, Inc. Rover03 (a virtual robot)

Return to the Moon with us now to prepare the ground for a real lunar settlement through study, simulations, team building, e-games, and exploration.

Interactive Powerpoint

Fantasy Sports Lineup Generator



Carousel of Lights

Jason Denney, Katie Locke

A non-competing project. We assembled BlinkyTiles into a circular pattern and created various colorful looping illuminating patterns using Arduino C.