How can I get to the Digital Harbor Foundation? Is there parking?

Digital Harbor Foundation is located:
1045 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

There is ample street parking, metered and free. Please be cautious of signs when parking. Two free parking lots: 1-Fed Hill Prep School parking lot: 137 E. Hamburg Street. Approximately 40 spots. Please come into the Tech Center after parking and pick up a pass. 2-Digital Harbor High School parking lot. This is a .4 mile walk to the Tech Center and has over 100 parking spots.

  • West Street Parking Garage - $16/day
  • Bike racks in front of DHF
  • MTA: 064
  • Charm City Circulator: Purple Route. Cross Street Market (323) - Light & E.Cross Street
  • Zip car spots: 1100 Light Street

What is the theme this year?

We have several themes with different prizes including an ‘Anything You Want’ category so you can create anything your little heart desires. Have an idea that you haven’t had time work on? Perfect! If you don’t have an idea, but have a maker, creator, or skill set to contribute, then come join and help someone else.

I’m interested but don’t want to compete, can I still come? Do I need to buy a ticket?

If you want a t-shirt, food, or want to compete for prizes you need to buy a ticket. Otherwise, feel free to stop by and just check it out. Please keep in mind that there is limited space so competitors have priority over seats and tables.

Must I stay at the hackathon for the entire weekend?

No, competitors are free to come and go as they please although they are encouraged to work at the location. Competitors must give a live presentation of their project at the location on Sunday to be eligible for prizes. Participants must use their own work and ideas.* *Forked github code, for example, is fine.

I am working on a hardware/wearable project that requires large tools and/or machinery. Can I bring them to the event location?

Perhaps. Please talk to the hackathon organizers about your need first. Keep in mind that DHF, UA, and SBD have many tools/equipment you can use on a first come first served basis - extensive list below in the "Is there equipment onsite for participants to use?" section. Baltimore Node and other local makerspaces have tools and space for such equipment and we will be happy to coordinate a way for you to use their resources. Competitors with nearby tools and garages are encouraged to help other teams.

Digital Harbor Foundation has 10 3D Printers, a laser cutter, soldering irons, and miscellaneous that you/your team can use. Keep in mind that 3D printing does take time and you don’t have a lot of it.

If I sponsor can I still compete for prizes?

Yes! Sponsors are ineligible to win their own category.

Are there private spaces or Mother’s Rooms?


It says you are feeding me but what if I have dietary restrictions?

We will try our best to accommodate everyone. Please email us at baltimorehackathon@gmail.com with your specific request.

Are we allowed to stay overnight at this location?

Doors close at 11pm on Friday/opening night but the venue will stay open on Saturday all evening until close on Sunday. Bring a pillow! If you are coming from out of town, please email us - baltimorehackathon@gmail.com - and we can try to help you find affordable accommodations for Friday and/or Staturday night.

Is there a limit to how many people can be on a team?

Yes, 5 to keep competition fair and healthy. Please list all team members that contributed to your project on your presentation in the “Team Members” slide, even if they did not officially sign up for the hackathon. It is not fair to receive extra outside help without disclosing that information so the judges can take that into consideration (don’t try to make it look like 2 people did the work of 4).

Am I responsible to pay taxes on a prize if I win?

Yes. According to MD law, you must pay taxes on prizes over $600. We will need to ask you for your social security number to release a 1099. In order to receive prize money, this must happen. Not our rules.

Are you responsible for lost or stolen goods?

We are not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

Who owns my idea/product/project?

You do.

Is there equipment onsite for participants to use?

Digital Harbor Foundation has 10 3D Printers, a laser cutter, soldering irons, and miscellaneous that you/your team can use. Keep in mind that 3D printing does take time and you don’t have a lot of it.